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Wisconsin Dells Travel Tips

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Cheap Motels in the Wisconsin Dells

Cost-conscious visitors to the Dells will want to balance their pocketbook needs against the condition and the location of the room they will rent. On the low end, in-season rates (Memorial Day to Labor Day) will be $60-90 for a motel near the Wisconsin Dells attractions.

Selecting Your Wisconsin Dells Accommodations

Believe it or not, the Wisconsin Dells area has about 8,000 motel rooms, more than any other city in the state. This may seem like a lot for a community of 2,500 permanent residents, but the many attractions and scenic beauty of the Dells bring over 3 million visitors per year (over a billion dollars in traveler spending!).

Dells Travel Tips

Here are some tips for travel to the Wisconsin Dells, courtesy of the Lakeside Motel: For holidays and weekends, you should make your reservations as far as possible in advance. Use the vacation Websites and Dells Travel Guides to select the attractions that you are interested in.

Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling

Here are some travel tips about keeping your money safe while traveling from the Lakeside Motel. Don't travel with unnecessary credit cards, your Social Security card and any other unneeded official documents. Make a photocopy of the front and back of cards you've decided to take along and keep it in a secure location or leave it with a trusted relative or friend back home.

Saving Money on Food in the Dells

While it can be convenient to have a restaurant in your hotel, there's a real chance that it can increase your family's food costs. Inflated prices, tips, and room service are welcome profit-makers for the hotel chains. Motels like the Lakeside Motel have refrigerators and microwaves in the room and even offer rooms with kitchenettes.

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